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Interested in cultural workshops? Looking for an opportunity to connect with your communities? Or searching for a work placement to gain professional experience? Vietcentric give students complete freedom to apply their skills and knowledge in a supportive environment. Our internship placements not only provide an opportunity for learning and practical application of competences acquired in the classroom but also an opportunity for the students to give back to the community.

Most of our interns have lived a large part of their lives in Vietnam and are perfect at disseminating Vietnamese culture. That is why our events are all organized and led by our student interns, including our Cooking class.

See what our previous and current interns have to say about their experience with Vietcentric:


Hung (Kiki) Vu, PR Officer

As a Vietnamese, we feel like proud parents seeing our culture celebrated and appreciated by our local and international friends. We are often found talking enthusiastically to customers, who are more curious friends wishing to know more about our country. The eager and delighted look on their face is the huge reward that keeps us constantly motivated!


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(Nov 2019) Instructors for Cooking Class