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A History...

The Timeline

July 2016

Official Launch of Vietcentric

Mar 2017 ​

Official Opening in Sneinton Market

May 2017 ​

First Cooking Class

July 2017 ​

Launch of Street Food Tour

July 2017 ​

First Community Event
The Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival

Vietcentric is only what it is today thanks to its Director and Founder, Kimi Leu, a Vietnamese refugee back in the 70s. After the loss of her mother, Kimi has come to understand what truly is important in life: family, tradition, HOME. And HOME, for Kimi and her family, is Vietnam, her motherland. Thus, Vietcentric came to life, a place to remind those away like her that Vietnam is right here.

...cannot be without its Maker

Vietcentric would not have become what it is today without its Director and Founder, Kimi Leu, a British-Vietnamese. Her appreciation and longing for her motherland had prompted her to launch the Cultural Centre, now known as the only provider of authentic Vietnamese-cooking-and-learning experience in Nottingham.


It all started when Kimi, as a refugee child from Vietnam, had had to travel across the world for a place to call home, to finally arrive with her family at Nottingham. There, she had started working as young as fifteen, and ultimately become a woman admired by all those who have met and known her.

Now, at the age of forty, inspired by her mother, the person who had nurtured Kimi to become the person she is today, Kimi has come to understand what truly is important in life: family, tradition, HOME. And HOME, for Kimi, is the S-shaped land that is Vietnam, the place where her mother had grown up and in turn taught her how to grow up. She realised then, she wanted a place where she could teach her children what HOME means.


At the same time, she had also discovered that many of her fellow Vietnamese had been struggling with their lifestyles where the values and traditions of their motherland were withering away, because people were scattered and opportunities to revisit and reconnect were scarce. Many had come to Kimi, expressing their desires in wistful tones, that if only they had another chance to see their Vietnam once more.

Thus, with her children and her wish to introduce them to their motherland, as well as the longing of the people of her own nation in mind, Kimi decided to gather everything she had and build Vietcentric, as a second home for her family, and as a reminder for every Vietnamese wandering the lands of the UK that, Vietnam is right here, even when it’s 6000 miles away.