​Vietcentric BBQ Spice - Vegan Friendly

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Our blend of ground spices is most often used to flavor braised or roasted meat, fish, and poultry dishes, and may be included in marinades and rubs.


Vietcentric's five-spice powder has a distinct licorice-like with a bitter undertone due to star anise, this is balanced with Black cardamom which has a smoky, though not bitter, aroma, with a coolness similar to mint. 


With cooking techniques such as slow cooking or cooking with a clay pot can help the meat and vegetables absorb all of the complex flavors and fragrant notes together. With our five spice, you only need a bit to raise the flavour profile of your dish!

​Our handcrafted spice has ingredients such as star anise, a traditional spice used in Asia. And also spices which are endemic to Vietnam such as michelia tonkinesis which has a natural distribution from Lao Cai to the North Central Coast and Central Highlands.



  • Ma Khaen berry 

  • Doi seed (Michelia tonkinesis )

  • Coriander seed

Nutritient Facts

​How to use


Inspired by the famous stalls which marinate meats on the grill in Vietnam, our Vietnamese BBQ Seasoning is a must-have for frying and grilling meat. Simply mix it into a marinade with ingredients such as soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, and fish sauce.

Try it on chicken wings, pork shoulder, chicken thighs, bee

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